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GAFIRS First Magazine

GAFIRS First Magazine

22 August 2013

The first edition of the OnScene magazine, produced by the members of the service, has now been officially released. This magazine is an annual publication which focuses on the work of the charity, as well as looking at maritime news from the local community.

Thanks to sponsorship from Meon Valley Aggregates and Recycling, this magazine has been printed and distributed in large quantities around the local community, at no cost to the charity.

If you would like to pick up a copy, you can pop down to our lifeboat station at Stokes Bay on a duty day at the weekend where there will be some available.

Alternatively you can view the online version now by clicking the link below:

Gosport Rescue Mobile with new Livery

New Livery for GAFIRS Landrover

16 June 2013

GAFIRS don’t only have lifeboats in their fleet, we also have an incident support vehicle called Gosport Rescue Mobile. This is a specially adapted landrover which allows shore crews to provide assistance to lifeboat crews as well as support incidents which are off road.

As part of the regular maintenance program, the landrover underwent an important overhaul which included corrosion prevention, body respray as well as a new livery. The exterior signage is an important update as it has brought another piece of GAFIRS equipment in line with GAFIRS corporate branding efforts.

Gosport Rescue Mobile carries rope rescue equipment, a land anchor, a compact stretcher, first aid bag as well as a winch and is capable of carrying two lifeguard canoes if they are required to attend an incident such as a mud rescue. It also tows our smaller Inshore Lifeboat, Gosport ILB, to strategic points where it can be deployed to reach casualties quicker, such as at the top of Portsmouth Harbour.

Vinnie Jones from British Heart Foundations Hands Only Campaign

Rescuers save fisherman after Cardiac Arrest

26 May 2013

Members gave lifesaving CPR to a fisherman after he suffered a cardiac arrest on the slipway outside the lifeboat station on Sunday afternoon

The fisherman has just returned from a fishing trip on the Solent when he collapsed on the GAFIRS slipway. His friend started CPR and called for help. The call for assistance was heard by our members who immediately went to his assistance.

3 members took over resuscitation and continued to give basic life support, an AED (defibrillator) from the Lifeboat station was used to monitor the casualty and an ambulance was called.

The 3 GAFIRS members, Jake Robinson, an ECA with South Central Ambulance, Tom Clark, a Community First Responder and Joanne Young, a Royal Lifesaving Society Trainer/Examiner continued resuscitation for approximately 5 minutes at which point the patient started to show signs of life and regained consciousness, he then started talking to his lifesavers.

On arrival of the Ambulance the casualty was handed over to the care of the Ambulance crew for transfer to the Queen Alexandra's Hospital.

Gosport Lifeboat on the slipway

Busy Bank Holiday for Lifeboat

26 May 2013

At 16:20 on Sunday Gosport Lifeboat was tasked to assist a 19' yacht that had dismasted and then run aground near to Pewit Island at the Northern end of Portsmouth Harbour. Due to the falling tide, the Lifeboat crew were unable to reach the Yacht. Solent Coastguard were informed of the situation and arrangements made to return and assist the yacht and 3 persons on board at the next high tide.

The Lifeboat returned at 23:57 to render further assistance. GAFIRS crew took dry clothes, food, hot drinks, a torch and radio for the occupants of the yacht who by then had been aground for just over 7 hours. With sufficient tide to refloat the yacht, it was taken under tow to Wicormarine, Portchester.

The crew were also tasked to assist a 38' Bavaria yacht that had run aground on the Hamilton Bank at the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour. The yacht was successfully floated and the Lifeboat crew checked for leaks and damage before the yacht continued on its way.

During the course of Sunday Gosport Lifeboat also attended 2 incidents involving rigid inflatable boats, in the first incident GAFIRS were tasked to assist a boat with a fouled propeller which was drifting near to Haslar Sea Wall.

The crew were then paged by Solent Coastguard at 20:56 to assist a broken down rib in Portsmouth Harbour Entrance. The craft with 2 persons abord had suffered engine failure after water ingress caused an electrical short across the battery.

The Crown Princess Cruise Liner

Passenger Evacuated after Heart Attack

25 May 2013

On Saturday evening Gosport Lifeboat was tasked by HM Coastguard to assist the Hamble Independent Lifeboat with the evacuation of a casualty from the cruise liner Crown Princess

A passenger on the liner had suffered a Heart Attack whilst the ship was in Southampton Water. Both Lifeboats assisted with the transfer of the casualty, his wife, two of the ships Doctors and Medical equipment. Both of the Lifeboats made their way to Warsash where the casualty was transferred to a waiting Ambulance.

The Gosport Lifeboat then returned the two Doctors back to the Crown Princess, which was still holding station in the Central Solent.

Introduction to GAFIRS

Gosport & Fareham Inshore Rescue Service, known locally as "GAFIRS", is an independent search and rescue facility covering the Solent and Portsmouth Harbour.

GAFIRS is funded entirely by charitable donations and costs over £35,000 a year to run.

Every penny donated is used to deliver a completely independent Lifeboat and Rescue service with no members taking a fee. All of the crew are volunteers and give freely of their time to help others in distress in, on or near water.

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